Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last post for this blog

What a wonderful trip i had. As i set up this blog for the enjoyment of myself my family and host family's, as well as potential exchangees, I'm now more or less leaving this blog as complete.
I am hoping some of my fellow Aussie exchanges do take me up on the offer to write some articles for me, but otherwise.

Either way now my next Journey begins as I begin university. I'll be posting on my new blog from now on, titbits about Melbourne, my classes and random things around (and of course kimono shenanigans.)
So if you'd like to stay in touch, feel welcome to join me on my new blog here;
i will be keeping an eye on this blog for comments and things, so don't think it's forgotten
Many best wishes on all your journeys.


Monday, February 3, 2014

The last days and return home

It's now been 3 weeks since my return from Japan, and i have been run off my feet with things i have had to finish before university started including my move to Melbourne.
So my apologies for my tardiness on the final post of this trip.

The last few days in Japan were busy, we went to mount Jeans to ski for a day, and my boots were too wide, so no elegance there, but it was a blast, and the snow is so different from Australian snow, i mean it squeaked even after lunch!!! :D
Soooo goood.

 We visited a shrine were the priest took me through some basic caligraphy, it was a beautiful temple, i also went to another primary school, who has a sister school in Ferntree Gulley Melbourne, where i learnt the calligraphy for shining rainbow.

On the Friday, my first host family came to visit, i was very happy to see them. They brought with them 2 beautiful photo books for me, of my stay with them.
I treasure photos and also received one from my Second Host family's daughter.
I will cherish these memories for ever, and i hope both of my wonderful host family's can as well.

The last night, we joined a quick party with my second Lions club, We listened to some awesome performances, from our mc and a professional singer.

I was sad to say goodbye.
We rose early the next morning to head to Narita airport, It was the first and last sunrise i saw during this trip to Japan, but it did not disappoint.

 After check in, we had breakfast, and enjoyed the last hour together.

Everyone was getting teary eyed, as i said my good byes before heading through customs. I kept a smile on till out of sight, but was close to having a good blubber.
I miss everyone i had the pleasure of meeting on my trip, especially my host family's, who offered me so much.

at Hong Kong airport, there is a train between parts of the airport. Half of us made the first one, the second group had to wait :D oops, lucky they come every 2 minutes.

Landing back in Sydney, i can say i was very excited. There isn't much grass in Japan, and the scenery of Australia, is a stark contrast to 90% of Japan. while i never got home sick while in Japan, i can say for a fact, i was very happy to be home, good thing i flew the last leg Qantas  :D (there motto is "I still call Australia home.")

Arriving at the airport back home, it was a very happy reunion with my family,.
though the dog was left at home, so when we arrived, i was pretty much taken out by her love and kisses.

Now life returns to somewhat normal for me, back to work, though I've transferred shops , and moving out of home, for University to begin on the third of next month.
I look forward to returning to Japan soon, but for now i can be content, after a trip I hope I never forget.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Japanese entertainment centres

In Australia, our arcades are limited in range and expensive, japan still has a booming trade in there's but they have much more than slot machines and Mario cart. I was taken to one with a wicked bowling centre, where due to long nails they gave me some massive band aids to sve the pain, I put one on the wrong fingers but went with it. It had been a while, on the top level there was tennis archery,  socker nets etc, in the open air, and down one level was rollerscating among other things loads of fun, the Japanese tend not to wear helmets so i was the odd one wearing a helmet. I always do.
Lots of fun was had this day, though my shoulders are still tired 4 days later

Fuji San day 2

Day 2 of the trip to Fuji San, we drove up around half way since the top section is closed during winter, it was a Barmy -5 degrees Celsius. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

The day after the last post, we headed to Fuji San, this is something you really have to see in person, the volcano honestly dominates the landscape. we stopped in a small town at the base, famous for many of its ponds, that are incredibly clear, almost all had carp swimming in them and coins thrown in the bottom. Though please don't throw more in, they tend to eat them and that usually ends badly for the carp! 
We stayed the night at a hotel outlooking onto Fuji San, and it was one heck of a view. My room was really noisy because of a fan I couldn't find to turn off, so I didn't sleep overly well.
 I'll be posting a second post about Fuji San too, since I havnt yet put the photos from day 2 on my tablet, but we drove up as far as we could and part of the road sings for you on the way up. You'll hear it soon. 
Matta ne.