Monday, January 6, 2014

The day after the last post, we headed to Fuji San, this is something you really have to see in person, the volcano honestly dominates the landscape. we stopped in a small town at the base, famous for many of its ponds, that are incredibly clear, almost all had carp swimming in them and coins thrown in the bottom. Though please don't throw more in, they tend to eat them and that usually ends badly for the carp! 
We stayed the night at a hotel outlooking onto Fuji San, and it was one heck of a view. My room was really noisy because of a fan I couldn't find to turn off, so I didn't sleep overly well.
 I'll be posting a second post about Fuji San too, since I havnt yet put the photos from day 2 on my tablet, but we drove up as far as we could and part of the road sings for you on the way up. You'll hear it soon. 
Matta ne.

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