Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years in japan

Australia is a country where New Years is just the end of one year and the beginning of the next, if your not in a big city, or staying up in front of the tv to whatch the midnight fireworks, or have a barebq with friends, then your probably not worried, most years I don't do much more than whatch the Sydney fireworks on TV then go to bed.

Japan is another matter. They have a long history of  Buddhism and Shinto tradition, where often people will count down to New Years at a Temple, listening to the toll of the bell and taiko drums vibrating through there feet. I was very lucky in that the head priest spoke some English. And took me to the deity statue and explained its significance and meaning, the  Statue is over 800 years old, something I am not used to coming from Australia, where all our old monuments of the Aboriginals that I know of are Natural, ie, Uluru.
For those of age, there was a barrel of sake, and those not water and food. Everyone was happy and freindly.

We got home maybe at 1:30 that morning and arose for 9:00 to head to Tsukuba San  whitch instead of cable car, this time we climbed, my legs went to jelly after woulda and thankfully I was able to take the cable car back to the car park. I really have to say lots of fun.

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