Monday, January 6, 2014

Kimono and tea

Kimono is always such a joy for me. This time I was lucky enough to borrow the skills of 2 professional kimono dressers, and borrow a beautiful kimono and obi. While I tried to put it on myself, someone's hands were usually in the way, But they did a wonderful job on the obi, I've always loved bunko, but havnt really been able to ever do a good job. I learnt some great tricks from them, a big thankyou.
Now we weren't just in kimono for no reason. I was given my first chance to participate in tea ceremony. Our host, is a student of the Urenasuke school of tea. And I was surprised to find the ceremony quite different to what I had imagined, we chatted throughout the whole thing, and each step was explained to me, it was increadably interesting and fun, though my legs stung a bit from the seizure (practice!) The lady sitting next to me in the yellow kimono is the wonderful daughter of one of the lions members, she took the time to translate for me on several occasions during the last few weeks. I owe her a lot, thank you so much!
The day was fantastic fun, lots of beautiful kimono, a special drop in was the man in the hat, who was hilarious and seriously cool.  
Thank you so much everyone for making this such a great day

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