Saturday, January 4, 2014

2nd jan 2014

On the 2nd, my okaasan asked one of her friends, who is a pro if she could dress me in furisode. Since this year is my 20th year I would be celebrating Seijin no hi soon. And furisode is the most common wear for women. The kimono is my host fathers sisters, and beautiful.  The day though was to participate in a Shinto "excorism" as we translated it for one of the lions members transport companies. I was asked to physically participate, by giving an offering of a sacred branch and praying at the small shrine. I have to say it was fascinating!
After we visited another 2 shrines, where I again rang the gong, this time the wind was strong so my sleeves went mental :D

 I did my own hair, surprisingly easy when you know how :D

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