Saturday, September 21, 2013

Travel adaptors Australia to Japan

In japan, the power points are usually 2 pins, while australia has 3 pins. Therefore many travel adaptors i have seen do not acomodate to out third pin, even on our side of the adaptor.
Cont' on video.



  1. Hi sairen-chan! how are you?
    hahah welcome to japan! great!
    do you remember me? haha M-sennsei-mako!
    Now you, please enjoy the Japan!
    Did you already visited in Kyoto?
    have a great day!

    1. Of course i remember you!
      I leave on December first, but i don't know where i'll be or if my host family will take me to Kyoto.
      Fingers crossed though ^^

    2. really? haha thank you! ^^
      Now, are you staying in the place where? Is Osaka?
      please you can go to Kyoto!
      Its location is the origin of your kimono!
      Something, please ask any thing to me if you have any questions!
      fighting! enjoy japan! sairen-chan!

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  3. I foget it! Ryuu-chan wa Genki? haha
    have a great day!