Wednesday, December 18, 2013

18-12-2013 part 2

After the Jaxa space centre we had lunch and then made our way up Mt Tsukuba, the dominating mountain in our valley (though on a good day you can still see Mt Fuji off in the distance, it's massive!)
Anyway, today is quite cold and the sky is grey (were forecast for snow tonight so otousan had the tires changed over, and there were what I believed to be bags of salt on the road sides).
So we couldn't see overly well, but I personally enjoyed it more :D

 We drove most of the way, then took the cable car before walking/ climbing up the last bit, there was a beautiful little shrine to the mountain god at the top. We were at the second slightly lower peak I believe, but I would very much love to come back, and track the whole way instead of taking the car.

 Some massive frog statues at the shop, more on that in a mo. :D

Riding the cable car :D yes it was cold!

 The peaks shrine,

This says "Tsukuba San" ( Mt Tsukuba)

Roofline of the shrine

Front of the shrine

The ticket for the cable car, and one of the small omiage I purchased, they are a silver and gold frog, otousan said, "frog is kaeru in Japanese kaeru is to return, I hope you come back one day." I couldn't agree more. :D
I also bought a small omiage at the Jaxa centre, 
Instead of galaxy print pants, the had galaxy print duct tape! (I had to have :D)
And a small pin.
I had loads of fun today with my family.

Tommorow is Disney land tokyo, and I am seriously glad I have my Icebreaker thermals, it's going to be cold and I've promised my sister I'll find and try sea salt ice cream.
See you on the other side!

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