Sunday, December 15, 2013

 The first Saturday, I stayed at Watanabe sans house, (who picked me up at the airport)we went to a sushi train ( so much good food) and I had some fun in a 100¥ shop.  The tea tasted like pop corn :D

On the Sunday we went to Tokyo!
Shibuya, harajuku, asakusa, and shinjuku.
Loads of fun. I didn't get to shop much but we saw lots of stuff, and had crepes in harajuku!

Harajuku entrance

A tamagotchi shop!


Akihabara had a seta store with a life size shingeki no kyojin poster :D

Asakusa was my fave, lots of kimono and kanzashi shops, I think my next host family is planing to take me back there! This is the massive lantern on the lead up to the temple. There is a avenue of shops after before we hit the temple.

Akihabara again, this guy was cool, magnetite!

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