Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tokyo Disney land! 19-20 December

On the 19th of December, we left at 7:30 in the morning on a very cold day to head towards the youth exchange area camp.
Our trip totaled 3 hours because of a traffic jam, but we got there in the end.
Once we arrived, we were escorted into Disney land to restraint 33, what I believe to be a 'a la cart' style dining for Disney land, the set up was beautiful.
The youth exchangees began to introduce themselves. Actually the Mexican exchangees had arrived in japan only the day before, unlike the Aussies who had to have had at least a year of Japanese language learning under there belt, many of them, had none. I found that interesting.

There was a small presentation by the present Lions governors of there banners. Some truly beautiful ones to see, I'm trying to decide how to display the badges though, I'm thinking a eri (collar) for 
my kimono.
We were then let loose, ( in groups of 4 plus a guide) onto Disney land, I'm not a fan of being 
chaperoned after a year of getting myself to and from work, shopping by myself etc, so I was a bit sour about the hold ups and disorganization at the beginning (apologies). But we had a blast when we got going.
It was freezing and rained most of the day, but we got onto rides quickly enough and had loads of fun, (the Japanese make great hot chocolates :D) most of us bought fun hats ( I saw guys wearing bows and thing as well it was fantastic) I bought some earmuffs, as the rest of me was toasty thanks to my ski thermals :D

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