Monday, December 16, 2013

Missed some things

During the first week, okaasan taught me calligraphy, usually when writing I'm left handed, I never use my right for writing or drawing,
But I decided while a challenge using my right with the brush created a better shape :D
Fun but hard work, it was wonderful learning how to properly make the shapes, instead of going at it willy nilly like I have in the past.

On the Friday after the school trip in the first week, okaasan took me to volley ball, we started with a warm up, it was fun, but I have a spot on my lower back that's quite tight from work that I havnt to be able to shift, so that stung lol

Volley ball was fun, I'm pretty agile when I want to be but I probably looked like a gangly giraffe to stray with lol

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