Friday, December 13, 2013

Massive update!

So, been In japan 12 days , and I have finally have a quick bit to tell you guys about most of my shenanigans so far.

The trip from my local airport, to Sydney was fun, it was my first time flying, and I grinned like a five year old for most of it.
The wait in Sydney airport was a long 7 hours,  and I stupidly didn't eat any thing much, which came back to bite me during the next flight when dinner was rather late. Sydney to Hong Kong is a long flight, of around 9 hours, we flew over night, so there wasn't much to look at while we flew over aus, but hopefully we'll get to see it on the way home (fingers crossed I'm near a window his time, I was in the middle isle, 2 in yay).
We arrived at Hong Kong airport at 4 in the morning, I hadn't slept, so was feeling pretty ready for some shugar, I had payed extra for the airport lounge, and I'm going to recommend it  to anyone doing this trip, nearly a day of travel, a shower is the best thing in the world, it also means you get to be slightly fresher on arrival). The plane for Narita to Hong Kong took off around 9:00 hi time, and  took approximately 3 hours, rounding the total trip time (not flight time) to around  25 hours,
 Upon arriving at baggage after customs, the 5 of us that headed to Narita  headed towards the exit where many lions club members held sighs with our name on it.

I wasn't picked up by my host family but by a friend from the lions club, she spoke little English so I didn't say much being as tired as I was, but we met again later so I showed her my improvement :D

 The 15 Aussies heading to Japan
 In the lounge at Hong Kong international airport

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