Friday, December 13, 2013

After arriving in narita(aprox24.5 hours after leaving home) I was greeted by a member of my host towns lions club,I hadn't slept and she didn't speak much English but we managed to get across the next step. We got to Chikusei at 5;30 around 2.5 hours later, and I met my host family for the first leg. They had a party with several members set up, and the food was amazing.
My room is largish, with tatami (awesome!) 

Day 2 I met the education minister of the region, (my otousan is on the right.) a very kind and interesting man.

Later I took a moment to shot some scenery on the way to ramen :D

I still find it messy with the power poles, and I honestly can't work out if the power points are polarised ! Lol

Otousans farm.

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