Saturday, December 28, 2013

Exchange of familys

I am lucky in that during my stay in japan, I. Have only 2 host family's some.have 6, some only 1
But it also makes the goodbyes harder, last Sunday was a very hard day for me, but also very fun, and interesting.
I woke early and spent the morning with my family before heading to a kimono rental shop, the hired a furisode for me, and I experienced the skill of a trained professional,learning some great tricks in the process. While we were waiting, I showed her some pictures of me wearing kimono from home, and she surprised me with a full set for furisode, from an old rental set, I plan to wear it on oshougatsu, if I can get time to practice with the obi.

My new room is very big, but I believe it's the boys toys room having a punching bag and weight set in one corner

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