Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mashiko (Tochigi ken)

On the Wednesday we went to a local town known for its ceramics, I went with another member of the local lions club, he's studying English so we both tried to speak and learn from each other. His has house has a stunning garden!

The town has loads of ceramics shops( having only one nearing my home I was in heaven, there were some incredible pieces I wouldn't have minded getting if I wasn't so worried about travel.
Oh and there was a massive tanuki I :P

We stopped at a small cafe for an excellent hot chocolate, the day was freezing and windy so not many people around, and the owner of the shop found out I was an exchange student, (being herself one too once)offered to teach me how to make soba, it was hard work, but loads of fun.


Update (added town name) (15/09/2015)

The town itself is known for it's ceramics, and especially for Shoji Hamada (1894-1978) who was a fantastic world class potter, His land house and kilns are still there and working (though not all the time) I will have to find the photos i took at the museum to show you all. There is a magnificent stepping kiln to see there.
The ceramics as well are just amazing, looking through the many pottery shope there were some (what looked like) thrown works that had perfectly checked clay the whole way through, i can't even imagine how that was done. but would love to find out one day. i regret not buying one of those works. I was afraid it wouldn't travel and bought a cheaper mug (which i use every day now). Ah travelers regret. one day.

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