Monday, December 16, 2013

Thursday last week I had the pleasure of meeting theMayor of Chikusei, the offices aren't much different to the ones in my home town, although the reception was much warmer, a pleasure meeting him.
On the Friday, we went to karaoke, usually I love to sing and do sing star at friends places, but my nose had been running hard the last few days due to the dry air and no acess to my usual cure (sudafed dis illegal in japan) so I was a tad croaky, (still am, nose hasn't really stopped)
Loads of fun though when I found my fave crowded house song.
Little fella here's first go at karaoke as well, he had some fun with the mike :D

The music is backing only (no main vocals) so you need to be rather familiar with the lyrics and tune to do well, but it's fun trying

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